Your Small Gym Next Door

SportBox objects

MultiSport offers you a completely new sports experience!

SportBox Powered by MultiSport is a new exercise concept that allows you to take time for yourself and feel the freedom of exercise in an amazingly equipped private gym.

An excellently designed and comfortable space of 14.9 square meters, equipped with top-quality machines, enables you to experience a new dimension exercise.

SportBox thinks of you and your needs. The built-in surround system and ambient lighting are designed to adapt completely to you. Turn up your favorite music and indulge in pleasure.

No. 1 private gym


Without viruses and bacteria

Without waiting for the machine to be free

No crowds

7 days a week from 5:00 a.m. to midnight

Exercise has never been more accessible and excuses have never been easier to wipe off. Just like the viruses and bacteria that we specifically thought of. After each use, the SportBox automatically starts the system for ventilating air and disinfecting the space. This way, we provide each user with a refreshed and disinfected space. Thanks to their high efficiency, UV lamps kill viruses and bacteria not only on all surfaces, but also in the air.

SportBox offers a solution for everyone who wants to enjoy recreation and exercise alone or in the company of no more than one person.

Who is SportBox intended for?

MultiSport users who have active employee or accompanying MultiSport card.
Users who are more comfortable exercising in the privacy of a smaller facility.
Users who want to experience a new dimension of exercise.

SportBox powered by MultiSport – a new dimension of exercise!

SportBox consists of three stations.

Cardio training station:
  • Technogym/Matrix premium treadmill
  • Technogym/Matrix premium bike
Stretching/functional training station:
  • Nohrd Swedish ladder
  • Solo fitness floor mat holder
  • Technogym/Matrix premium stretching/yoga mat
Strength/weight training station:
  • Technogym/Matrix premium rack personal
  • Technogym/Matrix premium adjustable bench
  • Technogym/Matrix premium bar, 200 cm
  • Technogym/Matrix premium smaller bar with dumbbells


SportBox - Rezervacija termina
  • Appointment booking is available exclusively to MultiSport card users.
  • Appointment booking is available exclusively via the SportBox website.
SportBox - termini
  • The user can book one appointment of 50 minutes per day.
  • Appointments can only be booked for the current and following day.
SportBox - reservation
  • A maximum of two people can use the SportBox in one session.
  • After entering the data, the user receives an e-mail confirming his/her appointment.
SportBox - cancellation
  • Appointment cancellation is possible only with the help of our customer service.
  • Appointments can be cancelled no later than three hours before the scheduled appointment.