Terms for access and use of SportBox by MultiSport

SportBox can be used by all MultiSport users that have active employee or accompanying card. Users of MultiSport test cards cannot use SportBox.

MultiSport card is non-transferable. Only the user in whose name and surname a MultiSport card is issued and who has successfully reserved an appointment for SportBox can use the service in the reserved appointment.

A person who is not a MultiSport card user and who has not booked an appointment to use the service is not allowed being in the SportBox.

MultiSport user can use the service in SportBox only in a pre-booked appointment.

MultiSport card users who wants to use the services of the SportBox when reserving a training will have to unconditionally accept the Terms of Use to be able to use the SportBox. Users who for any reason do not want to accept the Terms of Use will not be able to book a training, and thus will not be able to use the SportBox.

A maximum of two MultiSport users can book and use SportBox at the same time. If SportBox was booked by two MultiSport users, before entering the SportBox both users must register their visit with their MultiSport card. If two users came to SportBox, but only one user registred arrival by inserting the card into the POS device, the second user violates the rules of using SportBox.

If MultiSport user is unable to attend the reserved appointment, he must cancel the reservation up to 3 hours before the start of the reserved appointment by calling customer care: 0800 222 023.

If MultiSport user does not cancel his reservation on time or does not register his arrival with his MultiSport card when entering the SportBox, the service will still be considered as completed. The service performed on the day of booking the appointment prevents the use of the MultiSport service in all other sports facilities MultiSport Partners network.

There is no option to reserve a SportBox exclusively for one MultiSport user. SportBox enables booking for two users in one appointment. If SportBox was booked only by one MultiSport user, until the start of the booked appointment, another MultiSport user can book the same appointment, which means that in SportBox at the same time can be two MultiSport users who do not know each other.

To enter SportBox user must register his/her MultiSport card by inserting the card into the card reader next to the entrance door of the SportBox. Then the system will automatically verify the card and check the reservation. Access to SportBox will be allowed only for MultiSport card with reserved training session. The name on the reservation and on the MultiSport card must match. System will also check whether the card has already been used that day in another facility, and in case the card has already been used, the user will not be able to use SportBox.

Entry to the SportBox is only possible from the full hour of the reserved appointment. Being late shortens the time for training. The use of SportBox is limited to 45 minutes. The user is obliged to leave at least 10 minutes before the next full hour, since the SportBox automatically starts the system for air exchange and space disinfection.

MultiSport user is obliged to hold to the reserved appointment and the opening hours of the SportBox. Benefit Systems Ltd has the right to change the working hours of SportBox. Any change in working hours will be published on the website: sport-box.hr

MultiSport users can use one activity per day in the sport facility in MultiSport Partners network. If the user used the service in SportBox, on that day he cannot use the service in any other SportBox or in any other sports facility located in the MultiSport Partners network and vice versa.

Using, training and staying in SportBox is on your own responsibility. Benefit Systems d.o.o. is not responsible for any damage and/or injury caused to the MultiSport user when using the SportBox.

When leaving the SportBox, the MultiSport user is obliged to take all his personal belongings with him. Benefit Systems Ltd is not responsible for personal items left inside the SportBox and is not responsible for their loss or theft.

After using SportBox, the user is obliged to put all used props in their places, disinfect the used equipment and leave the SportBox clean and tidy.

When using the service, the user is obliged to behave politely and respectfully and must not disturb another MultiSport user with whom he may be using SportBox.

Vandalism, intimate relationships, food, alcohol, drugs and illegal preparations, smoking and other inappropriate actions are strictly prohibited and will result with sanctions and reporting to the authorities and also informing the employer about inappropriate behavior and violation of the SportBox rules of use.

The SportBox area is under video surveillance. In case of intentional damage or theft, the perpetrators will be prosecuted and responsible for the resulting damage or theft.

MultiSport users are obliged to follow the rules of using SportBox. In case the user violates the stated rules, Benefit Systems d.o.o. has the right to block the user's MultiSport card, i.e. immediately suspend membership in the MultiSport Program.