FAQ - SportBox by MultiSport

Who can use SportBox?

SportBox can be used by all MultiSport users that have active employee or accompanying card. Users of MultiSport test cards cannot use SportBox. A person who is not a MultiSport user and who has not booked and registered their arrival with their MultiSport card can not be in the SportBox.

What do I need to know about making a reservation for SportBox?

Reservation for using SportBox can only be booked through the Website.

The user can reserve and use one appointment per day, and the reservation is only possible for the current and/or the following day.

MultiSport user first selects the SportBox in which he wants to book a reservation. When choosing the reservation the user must enter his first name, last name, e-mail address, phone number and number of his MultiSport card. MultiSport card number is located on the card below the name and surname. After entering all the necessary data, the user receives an e-mail containing the confirmation of the reservation. After entering all the necessary data, the user receives an e-mail containing a confirmation of the reservation and a link for canceling the reservation.

Should I cancel the reservation if I am not able to use SportBox?

Yes. If user is not able to come to the booked appointment, he is obliged to cancel it no later than 3 hours before the start of the booked appointment. Cancellation of the reservation is possible only through the link that the user received in confirmation reservation on his email address.

What if I don't cancel my reservation in SportBox?

If MultiSport user does not cancel his reservation up to 3 hours before the beginning of the reserved appointment or does not register his arrival with his MultiSport card when entering the SportBox, the service will still be considered as completed. The service performed on the day of booking the appointment prevents the use of the MultiSport service in all other sports facilities in the MultiSport Partners network.

How many MultiSport users can use SportBox at the same time?

A maximum of two MultiSport users can book and use SportBox at the same time. If SportBox is booked by two MultiSport users, both users must register their card when entering SportBox. If only one person registers the visit by inserting the card into the card reader device, the other person violates the terms of using SportBox.

Can MultiSport user reserve SportBox only for himself?

There is no option to reserve a SportBox exclusively for one MultiSport user. SportBox enables booking for two users in one appointment. If SportBox was booked only by one MultiSport user, until the start of the booked appointment, another MultiSport user can book the same appointment, which means that in SportBox at the same time can be two MultiSport users who do not know each other.

SportBox is a private space designed for exercising exercise in pairs, so we recommend that you always book SportBox appointment with someone you know.

How long can I use the service in SportBox?

The use of the SportBox is for 50 minutes within the reserved time. The user is obliged to leave the SportBox at least 10 minutes before the next full hour, considering that after the end of the term, the SportBox automatically starts the system for exchanging air and disinfecting the space.

How can I use the service in SportBox?

SportBox is designed as a self check in system. Upon arrival at the SportBox in the reserved time, the user of the MultiSport card registers his visit by inserting the MultiSport card into the card reader device MultiSport user cannot enter the SportBox before the start of the reserved time. In a case of delay for the reserved appointment, the user of the MultiSport card can enter the SportBox, however, the time for using the SportBox will not be extended and it ends in the 50th minute of the reserved appointment.

Can I use the service in SportBox and then on the same day in another sports facility in the MultiSport network of the Partner?

With the MultiSport card, you can use one activity per day in the sport facility in MultiSport Partners network. If the user used the service in SportBox, on that day it is not possible to use the service in the same SportBox, in any other SportBox or in another sports facility located in the MultiSport Partners network. The same applies if the user does not register his arrival with his MultiSport card or does not cancel the reservation on time.

What is SportBox consist of?

The SportBox consists of a cardio station, a stretching/functional training station, a strength/weight training station, and a changing and personal belongings station.

How can I become a MultiSport user?

MultiSport is a revolutionary employee reward program. You can request a MultiSport card exclusively through you're employer if he has signed a contract with us, and you can find more detailed information about the MultiSport program at our FAQ.

If you are a HR Manager and you are wondering how to motivate the team - we have the answer for you! The MultiSport card is a unique benefit that, through sport and recreation, improves the health and satisfaction of employees and their efficiency at the workplace. If you want to get even more information please request an offer from our sales consultants.